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"There is barely something in this world which someone couldn’t do a little worse or sell a little cheaper. Thus the people who orientate themselves only by price become the fair prey of such doings. It is imprudent to pay too much, but it is worse to pay not enough! If you pay too much, you loose some money, that’s all. But if  you don’t pay enough, you risk loosing everything, because the purchased object will not always be able to fulfil the expectations invested in it. The laws of economy forbid to receive a lot of value for little money: therefor, when accepting the lowest offer, you should always include some extra money for this risk taken. And when you do so, it  means that you have enough money to pay for something better“ (John Ruskin)

VERANO TRAVEL are not local spanish incoming agents.

In fact, we are COMMERCIALIZERS of the products, rates and services offered by various different incoming agents on all the coasts of Spain.

As such, our multi-agreement with various providers allows us to present ourselves as PRICE FINDERS!

VERANO TRAVEL makes quotations and programmes for all your requests for GROUPS, FIT´S and CHARTER OPERATIONS.

These are your ADVANTAGES when you contact us:

By contacting VERANO TRAVEL you contact immediately a whole network of providers: like this you save the time, the money and the energy needed otherwise to contact with and compare between different local agents.

By contacting VERANO TRAVEL we choose for you those products, rates and services offered by our partners-providers that meet with your budget.

In other words: you give us your budget and we find the right price!

By contacting VERANO TRAVEL we simplify your search: it can well be that our proposal to you is the result of selecting and combining between our various providers: nevertheless your contact is always only with Verano Travel.

By contacting VERANO TRAVEL, you can ask at the same time products and programmes for different coasts in Spain, from the Costa Brava to Lanzarote.

Due to our higher traffic, we offer you LOWER RATES than you would get by contacting directly with the same providers.

VERANO TRAVEL do NOT add any commercial margin to the rates we receive from our providers, on the contrary: we negociate for you the rates with them!